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2019 Community Convenings Report

community convening montage 1


With the help of 50 nonprofit, business and government leaders — as well as 450 community members — DCCF provided the opportunity for community conversations around the issues of affordable housing, food security and behavioral health.

DCCF will continue to work with the community and our donors to support solutions through charitable action.


community convening montage 2HOUSING

Nonprofits are working together to provide safe and affordable housing opportunities for our community.

  • Lawrence Habitat for Humanity
  • Tenants to Homeowners
  • Lawrence–Douglas County Housing Authority
  • Affordable Housing Advisory Board (City of Lawrence)

Big ideas

  • Support and incentivize public/private housing development and rehabilitation partnerships.
  • Review and reconsider city and county regulations, zoning policies and restrictions limiting affordable housing opportunities.
  • Educate landlords, the public and consumers of affordable housing on the benefits of providing safe, equitable and healthy housing for all citizens.
  • Include the voices of individuals in need of housing in the conversation.
  • Invest charitable assets in supporting safe and affordable housing development.

DCCF charitable action

In 2019, Lawrence Habitat for Humanity (LHfH) and DCCF collaborated  to establish the Douglas County Affordable Housing Impact Fund. The fund was created to raise revolving capital to underwrite land acquisition costs and construction costs for housing units developed by LHfH in Douglas County. Donations to this fund will support new, affordable housing developments both in Lawrence and in underserved rural and smaller town markets in Douglas County. In addition, we are partnering with Tenants to Homeowners, Family Promise and others to promote a Housing First model for local families and individuals.


community convening montage 3



Nonprofits are working together to provide food security and healthy living
opportunities for Douglas County.

  • LiveWell Douglas County
  • Just Food
  • Heartland Community Health Center
  • Lawrence–Douglas County Health Department
  • LMH Health

Big ideas

  • Support and incentivize access to healthy lifestyle opportunities for all Douglas County citizens based on equity for all regardless of zip code.
  • Review and reconsider policies and regulations that make access to health care and food challenging for the most vulnerable populations.
  • Educate citizens on the importance of health food choices, healthy lifestyle choices and opportunities.
  • Invest charitable assets in providing access to food, health care and healthy lifestyle choices to all Douglas County citizens.
  • Include the voices of all Douglas County citizens, regardless of zip code.

DCCF charitable action

Charitable funds for buying locally produced food for local food pantries, DCCF capital improvements fund for Just Food


community convening montage 4BEHAVIORAL HEALTH

Nonprofits are working together to provide mental health supports to Douglas County citizens.

  • Bert Nash Mental Health Center
  • Lawrence, Eudora and Baldwin public schools
  • Headquarters, Inc.
  • Douglas County Behavioral Health Coalition
  • Heartland
  • LMH Health

Big ideas

  • Prioritize prevention through a zero-suicide initiative.
  • Improve access by bringing mental health care to consumers where they are through in-home therapy programs, counselors in every school in the county, and increased availability in the number of clinicians and hours of service.
  • Promote the integration of care across all providers.
  • Include the voices of young people in the solutions.
  • Invest charitable assets in mental health first aid, coordinated crisis intervention, and trauma informed care training and supports.

DCCF charitable action

HCHC Compassionate Care Fund, WRAP and other school program funding