Community Grants FAQ

Q.) What time on the deadline date are applications due?

A.) Applications may be submitted until 11:59 p.m.on the due date. However, we strongly recommend that you submit your application by 4:00 p.m. If you encounter technical problems during submission, our staff will be in the office and available to help you. Staff support is not available after 5:00 p.m. Applications that have not been successfully submitted by the deadllne will be considered ineligible.

Q.) Will foundation staff review and give feedback on draft proposals?

A.) Yes. Please contact Lori Trenholm, our DIrector of Community Investment, at least two working days before the application deadline. We will try to be as helpful as possible, but cannot promise that our suggestions will lead to approval of your proposal.

Q.) Can letters of support be sent separately?

A.) No, letters of support must be uploaded with the application.

Q.) My organization can be defined by several categories. Which should we choose?

A.) Choose the category that best describes most of the work you do. Your choice will not affect your chances of receiving an award.

Q.) I’m having trouble submitting my online application. What should I do?

A.) Make sure you are using a current version of Google Chrome, Safari or Firefox. (Some older versions of browsers, particularly Internet Explorer, are not supported by our system. Google Chrome can be downloaded free of charge.) For help with all other submission problems, please contact Lori Trenholm, Director of Community Investment.

For all other questions, please contact Lori Trenholm.



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