Do you hear what I hear? LAC Audio Looping System is making a difference!

The Lawrence Arts Center received a Spring 2018 Community grant to install a hearing loop system in their main theater – and the results have received a solid BRAVO standing ovation!  DCCF is happy to be a part of increasing the joy of the theater-going experience for hearing impaired patrons.

From the Spring 2018 Community Grant Report:

“Since the Hearing Loop was installed, the Lawrence Arts Center has hosted approximately 60 performances and events at which looping technology was available, including the 2018 Free State Festival and The Nutcracker, A Kansas Ballet. This impacted an estimated 9,000 attendees and audience members, including those who do not access the Hearing Loop, but who may be in the company of those who do. Hearing loops, or “audio frequency induction loop systems,” transmit microphoned sound through a silent electromagnetic signal to the telecoil in an individual’s hearing aid or cochlear implant. Patrons to simply turn on the telecoil to allow onstage sound to be transmitted directly to their ears. Patrons who are unable to access the Hearing Loop through their hearing aids may ask for a headset at the front desk. As knowledge of the Hearing Loop grows, the Lawrence Arts Center expects to see an increase in the number of patrons who request headsets.”


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