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Donor-advised Funds

Looking for a fund? To donate or learn more about an organization, field of interest fund, or donor-advised fund, please scroll down for a full listing and choose the fund, or type a keyword into the search bar.


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Allen Serenity Now Fund

Anonymous Community Fund

Anonymous Fund

Arthur A. and Frieda L. Heck Memorial Fund

Bailey Family Fund

Barbara A. Kelly Memorial Fund

Bill and Janet Muggy Family Charitable Fund

Bill and Kathy Stauffer Family Fund

Bill and Nancy Brady Charitable Fund

Bo Newsom Fund

Bob Billings Memorial Fund

Brad and Sarah Johnson Family Fund

Bruce E. Vaughn Charitable Fund

By Kids for Kids Endowment Fund

C. L. Maude Charitable Fund

Charles and Delores Blaser Family Fund

Charles L. Curtiss Memorial Fund

Chestnut Family Fund

Christine and Michael McGrew Family Charitable Fund

Connie and Gary Sollars Family Fund

Dave and Gunda Hiebert Family Fund

Dobski Family Fund

Dolph Simons Family Fund

Doug and Mary Glasnapp Family Charitable Fund

Durand Reiber and Martin Moore Charitable Fund

E. S. M. Alley Family Fund

Eleanor Unruh Family Fund

Elmore Family Fund

Epp Family Fund

Fritzel Family Fund

Galbraith Family Fund

Gary and Becki Dick Family Fund

George and Eleanor Woodyard Charitable Fund

George and Judy Paley Family Foundation Fund

Giving Fund

Harrison Family Fund

Harry and Becky Gibson Family Foundation Fund

Harry and Cindy Herington Charitable Fund

J. Bunker and Marilyn Clark Charitable Fund

J. William and Barbara Carswell Family Fund

Jerry Chaffin Memorial Fund

Jill L. Allen Family Charitable Fund

Joe and Nancy Jones Family Fund

Kahlyn Heine Legacy Fund

Laird Noller Family Fund

Laurie Turrell Ward Advocacy Fund

Lawrence Youth Community Fund

Leon Family Fund

Lindsey Family Fund

Mabel A. Woodyard Memorial Fund

Marcia and Stephen Hill Family Fund

Mary and Wint Winter, Jr. Family Fund

McDaniel Knutson Financial Partners Charitable Fund

Mike and Faye Davis Fund

Mike and Sara Corless Family Fund

Monte Johnson Family Fund

Neuman Family Fund

Otten Family Fund

Patricia E. and Joseph A. Baker Family Fund

Pay It Forward Fund

Richard and Susan Himes Family Fund

Rolfe Family Fund

Russell and Jackie Hilton Charitable Fund

Sabaini Family Fund

Schriner Family Fund


Shelley Miller Charitable Trust Fund

Sid and Joyce Shapiro Family Fund

Simon and Codi Bates Foundation Fund

Sparks Family Fund

Stella Family Fund

Stengel-Joy Family Fund

Stephen J. Craig Family Fund

Steve and Chris Edmonds Family Fund

Truman and Wanda Waugh Family Fund

Vick Family Fund

Walker Family Fund

Web and Joan Golden Family Fund