Eudora High School SmartSpot and SmartBus Student Initiative

The Eudora Schools Foundation partnered with Eudora USD #491 to apply for $8,844 in DCCF community grant funding to purchase 20 SmartSpot mobile internet devices and 5 SmartBus devices. A grant was awarded as part of the September 2017 Community Grant Cycle. These SmartSpot devices were issued to high school students without home internet. The SmartBus devices are used to address the need for students to do homework while attending events off site.

These are just a couple of the wonderful stories that are due to the generosity of the DCCF Community Grants.

Student A stated, ” Before I had the Kajeet, I felt really stressed when teachers would assign things online. Many times, if I didn’t get it done in class I would have to work on that one assignment whenever I had free time during school. I knew if I didn’t get it done in school, I wouldn’t have a chance to get it done at home. So when I found out that there was a mobile hotspot, I was so relieved. Now I can get the homework done on time and not be stressed.”

Student B stated, “As you can imagine having no internet at home and all of the homework online was very difficult.” Now, thanks to the DCCF Community Grant, ESF and Eudora USD#491, these students can do their homework in a safe and relaxed environment.

Student C – “Before Kajeet, it affected our academics because then we were not able to turn in papers or assignments that had big effects on our grades.”

Student D – “As a result of the hot spot, I am allowed to do my homework at home; It has also helped me to stay motivated. What I mean by that is that I can work on my homework in the comfort of my own home without feeling overwhelmed. I enjoy the hotspot and hope to have this opportunity in the next few years.”


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