Fairy Godmother Fund

The Fairy Godmother Fund provides flexible, accessible monies to help Douglas County women who have limited resources and are facing immediate, short-term critical needs not met by traditional funding sources.

The gifts from this fund are small, but they make a big impact on the lives of women and families.  Financial assistance of up to $420 may be provided to women who meet the following criteria:

  • limited income
  • limited, short-term, critical need not normally handled by any other agency or fund (i.e., the fund does not address rent or utility requests)
  • payment can be made directly to a vendor, not the client
  • funding will solve the immediate crisis (i.e., partial payment is not done unless the client has a mechanism to cover the entire payment)
  • applicant is a resident of Douglas County, Kansas

The Douglas County Community Foundation does not accept requests for funds.  To find out how to apply for assistance,  please contact one of the referring partners.

Ballard Center
Bert Nash Community Mental Health Center
Family Promise of Lawrence
LDCHA – Lawrence Douglas County Housing Authority
Willow DVC


Lori Trenholm

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