Just Food: Pots and Pans Pantry Program

Our 2017 September Community Grants awards included funding for the Just Food Pots and Pantry Program. We were so pleased to receive this inspiring story of the difference the program is making in people’s lives.

“Feeding America (2017) reports that 79% of families facing food insecurity purchase inexpensive, nutrient-poor “convenience” foods to stretch their budgets. Also, 62% of Kansas families facing hunger have a family member with high blood pressure, and 37% have someone with diabetes.To help alter these disastrous statics, Just Food is developing strategies to enable its clients to cook more healthy meals at home.This is covered in part by Just Food’s cooking classes, but it does not address all barriers that clients face. In early 2017 Just Food held focus groups with clients and local food pantry administrators and found a common theme: an overwhelming need for basic kitchen supplies.The lack of basic kitchen supplies made cooking at home more difficult and time-consuming.Thus cooking healthy food at home is all but impossible for these clients.” – Just Food 2017 September Community Grant Application

“On a Sunday morning, a Just Food client and single mother of two was making breakfast for her kids and a faulty gas line caused her house to catch on fire. She lost almost everything including all her kitchen and cooking supplies. She recently graduated with an undergraduate degree from KU and was looking for a job opportunity to use her degree. Unfortunately, finances were tight while she was finishing school and looking for work. This led her to utilize the Just Food pantry when she couldn’t make ends meat at the end of the month. The Pots and Pantry program at Just Food was able to replace all of her kitchen supplies as well as stock her pantry with healthy food for her family. This is just one step in a long road of replacing everything that has been lost in the fire but we are glad we could help in this difficult time.” – Just Food Pots and Pans Pantry Community Grant Report


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