LCNS Spring Community Grant is making a difference!

Lawrence Community Nursery School (LCNS), a parent-cooperative preschool, applied for a Spring 2018 Community Grant and received funds to purchase instructional materials to better serve the preschool students in four main areas: STEM, classroom inclusivity, music, and outdoor classroom improvements. LCNS purchased equipment and supplies for both indoors at their “centers” (lessons) and on the outdoor playground, which is an essential part of the play-based program.  DCCF was thrilled to be able to support this project, and our hearts are melting seeing the pictures of kids engaging with the new centers and supplies!  Thank you for the work you do, LCNS staff and families!

From the Community Grant report:

“The grant items have already been put to great use and are an asset to the school and curriculum.  I’ve noticed a huge difference in representation and diversity in the toys and books.  The  large play people with disabilities are very popular with the kids, and are played with daily.  Students also really enjoy the stacking people, where they are also exposed to a variety of skin colors, hair differences, and clothing differences.  The new books are very visually appealing, and again expose the students to myriad cultures, knowledge of the world, and representation of all kinds of people.  Exposing our preschoolers in their formative years to a diverse representation of people lays a strong foundation for empathy and understanding, appreciation of differences, and inclusivity. The STEM items have also been a great addition to our play-based curriculum approach.  The children are naturally drawn to the light table when it is on, which automatically engages them.  While they are at the light table, they are very focused on building, creating, exploring colors and lights, combining colors, and looking at geometric slide shapes.  Their high level of engagement, inquiry, and exploration is very evident. The microscopes are another example of an engaging new STEM item. They have been able to look closer at textiles that they see and feel every day, seeing what insects look like, etc.,” Megan Peck, current family at LCNS for the past 4 years and current Treasurer on the board of directors.


“I have witnessed the children at the light table with the new light blocks trying some creative and innovative things. A few children have put the light blocks together to make ‘cameras’ and pretended to take pictures. Some children have combined colored blocks or colored sheets from the light table set to see what color they get when they put two colors together.” – Stephanie Duncan, Director of Lawrence Community Nursery School and Lead Teacher T/Th.


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