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TTHO: Building Stability Case Management Program

Posted Tuesday May 26, 2020

Tenants to Homeowners has been working with families in our community to find stable and affordable housing for more than 25 years.  As a part of their wrap around services, TTHO staff have been working with families to provide much needed counseling interventions connecting families with the supports and organization resources they need to remain housed.  In 2018, TTHO was awarded a community grant continue and expand the Building Stability Case Management Program to more families.  DCCF is pleased to support this important program, and all the work TTHO is doing to work on the affordable housing challenges in Douglas County.

From the 2018 Community Grant Report:

“We worked with a family who was experiencing a serious financial hardship due to some unexpected financial income shortfalls and increasing medical and basic living expenses. This family had their utilities shut off for several months and had also been following a two year rental payment plan to pay rent in weekly installments. With this situation, the tenant was able to pay their total monthly rent obligation by the last day of the month, only to turn around the next day and start all over on trying to satisfy their monthly rent obligation. In addition to this, the tenant had outstanding medical and legal bills and a car with maintenance work they could not afford or properly maintain.

The client had many obstacles standing in the way preventing them from paying timely rent, maintaining a workable budget and satisfying debt. Through the first year of case management, the client was able to start receiving additional social security income benefits that they had tried previously to obtain for several years but were unable to successfully advocate for and accomplish; the client was able to obtain lost birth certificate information regarding adoption records and name changes preventing them from addressing multiple legal issues; they were able to move forward with implementing a workable budget allowing them to address serious health concerns, and they were able to plan for and receive proper medical treatment and maintain a working vehicle to transport themselves to and from work and appointments for the children in the home. Now for the past three months, with the additional social security benefit income, the client is able to make their monthly rent payment on time, requiring no weekly payment installments on their pay dates. The client reports these outcomes as life changing emotional and financial burdens lifted from their household.”

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