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Ballard Kids are Going Green!

Posted Wednesday May 27, 2020

The Ballard Community Center is putting the Elizabeth Schultz Environmental Fund grant they received in 2018 into practice!  DCCF was thrilled to reach the latest news – a comprehensive recycling program for staff and students will begin in February.  We look forward to updates and exciting learning moments for children, the staff and all the Ballard families!  Here is the press release from our friends at the Ballard Center:



Ballard Preschool announced today that in February all staff and students at Ballard will begin a comprehensive recycling program. The goal is to reduce trash that goes into the local land fill by reusing or recycling as much waste as possible. The children are learning about conservation and how they can help keep our community and our planet beautiful. In the coming weeks they will start using real plates and a dishwasher – no more disposable plates, forks, and spoons! The kids will learn to sort and save leftover food that can be used to make compost for a garden which they will help plant and tend this spring and summer. Ballard families will be invited to join this movement by reading books about recycling and gardening which the children will bring home and doing similar activities at home. Families will also be invited to Family Nights where they can learn more about the project and other things going on at Ballard. Keep an eye on Ballard’s Facebook page for more news to come!

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