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Housing and Credit Counseling: Free services by phone during COVID-19

Posted Tuesday July 14, 2020

Housing and Credit Counseling (HCCI) is making a difference for our community during the pandemic. Awarded a $2,100 grant from the Crisis Response Grant fund program, HCCI has been spreading the word about their services through printed materials available at Just Food and Ballard Community Center, as well as through various social media channels. Small businesses and community members can receive free counseling by phone and videoconferencing from HCCI in English and Spanish.

HCCI Counselors are available Monday - Friday by phone, and HCCI’s work provides free counseling about these topics:
1.    Budgeting – Debt Management – Credit Building  (Consumer Credit Counseling)
2.    Renting – Tenant & Landlord communications
3.    Home Buying – yes, we expect people will buy while interest rates are low – perhaps downsize or begin to own for the first time.  
HCCI’s free counseling by phone helps people who are:
•    fighting back after Covid-19
•    budgeting to scale back
•    late paying their mortgage
•    needing to talk with a landlord if rent payment will be late
•    wondering what the timeline is for a legal eviction if rent is late
•    paying student loan debt
•    getting “pay day” type loans
•    living paycheck-to-paycheck

If you need assistance, HCCI is availble to help, you can contact them here: phone - 800-383-0217; website - www.hcci-ks.org; email - hcci@hcci-ks.org.

Many thanks to the DCCF Disaster Response Fund donors and businesses making this possible.

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