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United Way of Douglas County - Innovative Action is making a difference

Posted Monday July 20, 2020

We are so thankful we can partner with the United Way of Douglas County. The staff, volunteers, organizations, and community support are all making such a difference during the pandemic.  We received an update from the United Way team this week:

"Since the beginning of the pandemic we have been trying to focus on the recovery that will follow it, but the pressing needs in the community have necessitated some innovative action on our part. The mask distribution has been a big deal for us, as we’ve given out more than 1,500 free masks to date. We were thrilled to coordinate volunteers for the sack lunch initiative put together by the school district, chamber, and local restaurateurs. Our Farm to Fork program was created to supplement existing food insecurity resources while also supporting out local farm economy. Our collaboration with the Lawrence Restaurant Association has similarly enabled them to directly assist struggling individuals with financial aid. We’re sponsoring a Black educational series through BLACK Lawrence, and helping collect school supplies through our annual supply drive at area stores.

Honestly, it’s a lot, and it’s hard to boil down to just a few sentences. And again, our main focus is our upcoming Workplace Campaign, which faces a lot of issues, but is a crucial tool for us to provide funding to local agencies.

Throughout the pandemic we have been heartened by how much people are willing to contribute, despite the negative impact that has been felt by so many in our community. We have individuals who are sewing and donating dozens upon dozens of masks every week. We have had some very generous contributions coming in from individuals, organizations (DCCF included ??), and businesses, which has allowed us to really step up our direct programming. The most touching moment for us was when somebody who had qualified to receive free produce through our Farm to Fork program reached out to let us know that they had found a job and wanted to relinquish their spot in the program so somebody else could have it. That level of generosity coming from somebody who had been experiencing such real poverty is truly inspiring."

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