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Fund Details

Founded by Team Neuman at Advisors Excel, the Slow Up Fund was established to grant wishes for deserving community non-profits throughout the nation. The fund puts an emphasis on slowing down our daily lives to rise up and serve others in the community. It’s historically focused on empowering school-aged children, but is always open to new opportunities.

The Slow Up Fund is intentional. Its’ founders realize capacity is limited and no one can be everything to everyone. To make a lasting impact, we must surrender to slowing down and making a difference – on purpose.

Each year, Matt’s Madness NCAA Charity Challenge raises valuable funds into the Slow Up Fund to benefit communities nationwide! One piece of that includes top bracket performers receiving the ability to specify where Slow Up funds should be granted in their local communities! To date, grants associated with Matt’s Madness Charity Challenge have totaled more than $60,750 in community support!

The Slow Up fund contributes on purpose, today and in perpetuity. Thank you for playing your part.