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Types of Funds

Any one of the following can be set-up during your lifetime or by bequest:

Donor-Advised Fund

To remain involved in recommending grants to charities, choose a donor-advised fund. It is a great way to build a tradition of giving in a family.

Field of Interest Fund

If you have a specific area of interest, such as the arts, education or health, this option may work best. You can set-up a grant advisory committee, or ask our board to review grant applications to the fund.

Unrestricted Fund

A great way to meet changing needs of our community is to set-up an unrestricted fund. Our board will direct grants to the areas of greatest need or opportunity.

Scholarship Fund

These can benefit students at any education level or specific school. Advisory committees help select recipients. Our staff handles the paperwork and makes sure that scholarships are distributed in a fair way.

Organization Fund

If you are a nonprofit organization, you can start a fund for your own benefit. It can provide income for general operating expenses or other critical needs, and allow a nonprofit’s board to spend less time on money management.


For more information, contact Chip Blaser, Executive Director.