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Douglas County Disaster Response Fund

In response to the 2019 Douglas County tornado and flooding, Douglas County Community Foundation (DCCF) has created the Douglas County Disaster Response Fund, which is now active to accept donations. The purpose of this fund now and in the future is for designated incidents of crisis or disaster whether man-made or otherwise for Douglas County.

Contributors to this fund may be individuals, families, corporations and other supporting entities wishing to support community response initiatives following a local situation of broad community impact.

The fund is intended for immediate and long-term Douglas County community needs following a designated community crisis or disaster. DCCF recognizes the importance of having a vehicle for charitable giving established for donors to contribute during such times of crisis or disaster.

DCCF will coordinate efforts with recognized 501(c)3 organizations providing direct service, response and support to the community.

DCCF will oversee the discretionary distribution of the fund based on the specific issues presented by the crisis or disaster. In coordination with Douglas County Emergency Management, DCCF will provide guidelines for distribution to nonprofit and government partners to best serve the community need at the time of the crisis or disaster.

Contributions to the fund may be spent immediately as needed or retained for future disaster relief. This determination will be made at the discretion of DCCF.

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