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Fairy Godmother Fund

The Fairy Godmother Fund provides flexible, accessible monies to help Douglas County women who have limited resources and are facing immediate, short-term critical needs not met by traditional funding sources.

The gifts from this fund are small, but they make a big impact on the lives of women and families.  Financial assistance of up to $499 may be provided to women who meet the following criteria:

  • limited income
  • limited, short-term, critical need not normally handled by any other agency or fund (i.e., the fund does not address rent or utility requests)
  • payment can be made directly to a vendor, not the client
  • funding will solve the immediate crisis (i.e., partial payment is not done unless the client has a mechanism to cover the entire payment)
  • applicant is a resident of Douglas County, Kansas

DCCF works with selected community partners to grant funds to help women in our community.

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