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Lawrence Community Shelter Endowment Fund

The Lawrence Community Shelter is the only emergency homeless shelter serving Lawrence and Douglas County in Kansas. Our current capacity for overnight guests is 125 individuals, including a separate area for families, with expanded capacity during cold weather to 140. Throughout 2017 the shelter averaged over 100 people daily, serving 756 unique individuals throughout the year in our various programs. Many of our guests come to our doors suffering mental and/or physical illness, drug and/or alcohol addiction, and chronic and systematic joblessness. LCS is often the last option for the members of our community in the most need. In our attempts to address the root causes of homelessness, we connect guests with programs and services offered by both LCS and our community partners, with the ultimate goal being to empower individuals and families to live independently in a sustainable manner. Through our programs and coordinated services, many guests are able to find temporary or permanent employment, treatment for mental and physical illness and substance use disorders, and transitional and permanent housing. Ultimately, many are able to get back on their feet and become valuable and contributing members of our community. In these ways, LCS positively impacts not only our guests, but the entire community of Douglas County.

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