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Face Masks for Baldwin City

A win for nonprofits + A win for a small business = A Healthy Community!
Posted Tuesday July 21, 2020

The Crisis Response Fund grant program is providing innovation in action throughout our communities. The Lumberyard Arts Center worked with other community nonprofits, community volunteers, and a local small business on a project that not only made the community healthier, but it helped keep the small business open during the pandemic. From the grant report:

"Face Masks for Baldwin City is truly a community arts program inspired by community members who had stepped up to create face masks. The Lumberyard Arts Center partnered with Quilters' Paradise to create and facilitate the program with the assistance of the Baldwin City Library and Baldwin City Chamber of Commerce. Volunteers include 57 "sewists"  - creating and sewing the face masks and 21 volunteers who are instrumental in donating fabric, cutting fabric, cutting elastic, creating the face mask kits, packaging the face mask kits, distributing the kits to businesses and creating mask extenders. It does not include the many community members monetarily donated to the project.

To date, we have created over 6,000 face masks with an additional goal of 1,587 for our school district, USD #348. The masks have been given to citizens and over 30 businesses free of charge. We regularly supply LMH Baldwin City Family Medicine, the Baldwin City Library and Baldwin City Market with face masks. Funding through Douglas County Community Foundation was instrumental in our goal achievement. While the functional health safety output of face masks is critical to preventing the spread of the virus, the outcomes of empowerment, community connectedness and community pride Face Masks for Baldwin City instilled throughout the community are equally important."

"We remain committed to our program despite the depletion of DCCF funds, which was instrumental in not only meeting, but exceeding our goal of 5,000 face masks for Baldwin City. We cannot thank DCCF enough for your support." Jeannette Blackmar, Executive Director, Lumberyard Arts Center

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