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Van Go's COVID Emergency Response

Posted Monday August 10, 2020

Van Go received $5,000 from the Crisis Response Fund grant program. From the Van Go Report:


"Funding provided by the Douglas County Community Foundation was used to provide emergency rent for four teens/young adults that have faced extreme economic difficulty as a consequence of COVID-19. All live below the federal poverty line. This financial assistance alleviated financial pressure, freeing resources needed to feed their families, pay other bills, and meet everyday needs. Two of the families have no one working at the moment, due to the shutting down/downsizing of their employers. This funding has been an essential lifeline for young people who have few options.
We were also able to use a portion of funds to purchase ipads and accompanying i-pencils that were necessary for the remote delivery of our Summer session, and beyond. When we understood the immediate need for mobile devices we contacted the DCCF and this modification of grant funds was approved. The design program Procreate was loaded onto all of the devices, allowing our art director and teaching artists to safely continue to provide training in our arts-based programming. The devices are registered and monitored by IT consultant, Justin Graham, making sure they remain up to date and virtually connected to Van Go."

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